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Golden, Colorado
Sat Aug 13 - Aug 14, 2022
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USCAA Marathon
Fort Worth, TX
Sun Feb 26, 2023
Welcome to the 37th Annual
2014 USCAA National Corporate Cup Relays
Special Olympics Relay
(Unified 4x200m Relay)

Once again, Special Olympics ran with USCAA athletes in an exhibitional Special Olympics Relay. Special Olympic 200 meter runners teamed up with USCAA companies, to run a 4x200 meter relay on meet weekend Sunday. The Special Olympic runners ran the 2nd and 4th legs.

Companies provided 2 runners each for this exciting and fulfilling event. Each company prvided their two Special Olympians with team jerseys or shirts. The USCAA provided medals for all of the Special Olympians.

The 2 registered teams (by order of registration):
Team Name Registered
Boeing Running and Track Squad 2014-01-23 17:54:40.0
Aerospace 2014-07-09 18:32:56.0