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USCAA Marathon
Cincinnati, OH
Sun May 4, 2025
- 2025 USCAA Corporate Marathon - Rules
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Each company can have an unlimited number of runners competing (each runner must be included on the team roster).

A team score will be determined upon completion of the marathon.

Two divisions will be scored. Division I includes teams representing companies of 10,000 or more employees; Division II includes teams representing companies of less than 10,000 employees. Two Division II companies will no longer be able to compete as a combined team, since only 4 runners are required for a complete team.

USCAA will be using WAVA (World Association of Veteran Athletes) adjustment factors to score each runner's performance against the standard for their individual age. WAVA standards are often used to age-grade scoring in masters' competition.

For the USCAA marathon championships, each runner's score will be their WAVA performance level based on their official race time, age, and gender. (Scores will be to 2 decimal places, truncating any remainder.) Team scores are calculated by summing the four best individual scores.

Age of participants is determined as of race date.

In case of a tie, equivalent scores for two or more teams, the following tie-breaking procedure will be used:

  1. The team with the highest scoring individual runner will be considered the winner of the tie. If still tied, consideration goes to the highest scoring 2nd runner, and so on.
  2. If two or more teams have identical scores for all scoring runners, the tie remains.
Only runners who have completed the marathon, pursuant to USA Track & Field Rules 60, 65, 132-138 and any specific marathon rules, will be scored. Runners finishing after the official close of the marathon course will not be scored for the USCAA National Marathon Championship.

Protests concerning the USCAA National Marathon Championship need to be submitted to the designated protest committee no later than 30 minutes after the USCAA results are posted at the USCAA Awards Banquet.


Awards will be given to the top three teams in Division I and the top team in Division II. A traveling trophy will be awarded to the top team regardless of division.

Corporate runners will also be eligible for all individual prizes for participating in the marathon.



Any corporation is eligible to participate in the USCAA National Marathon Championship as long as each runner is associated with the company and each runner meets all of the USCAA individual eligibility requirements.

Each participating team must designate a team captain and provide appropriate contact information to the USCAA.

Membership in the USCAA is required for each runner to participate in the marathon championship. Only teams which have submitted a membership roster and accompanying payments will be scored.

Teams should attempt to wear matching running singlets/T-shirts with their company or organization name or logo displayed.


Each runner must meet one (or more) of the following conditions in order to represent his/her organization:

Employees: Must have been employed continuously by the corporation 45 days prior to the start of the National meet. Must be working 20 hours or more per week (for each of the six plus weeks leading up to the Nationals), be on the corporation's payroll and have taxes withheld by the corporation.

Retirees: Must be pension-eligible, former employees, with 10 or more years of service to the corporation and whose age plus years of service equals 65 or more. Retirees must not be in the full-time employment of another USCAA-competing corporation. There is no limit to the number of retirees who may compete for a corporation.

Contractors: Must be under contract with the corporation six (6) months prior to the start of the National meet. Must be working 30 hours or more per week, for that corporation, for the entire six months. Eligible contractors comprise independent contractors; outsourced former employees who continue to perform the same work for the corporation; and staff who have long-term service commitments with the corporation, who take direction from corporate employees, and who work to fulfill corporate business objectives, even if they are paid through payroll or temporary staffing agencies. Employees of outside consulting firms who are assigned to client corporations on task assignments are not eligible to compete for those client corporations (example: Andersen Consulting employees on assignment to Hughes may not compete for Hughes). Contractors are not eligible to compete as alumni.

A maximum of two scorers may be contractors, offset by the use of any alumnus/a as a scorer under the alumni eligibility rule. (Example: If a team uses an alum as a scorer, only one contractor may score; if no alum scores, two contractors may score.)

Alumni: Ex-employees who have previously competed for a team in at least three (3) USCAA National Track & Field and/or Marathon Championships (or as many as the team has competed in, whichever is less) are eligible to compete for that team in the marathon, however at most only one alumnus/a may score. If one alumnus/a is used as a scoring runner, that individual will offset one for one the allowed contractors (as scoring runners) under that rule.

All USCAA participants must be registered as individual runners in the host Marathon. No substitutions will be allowed.

To be scored on a team, all runners must be included on a team roster turned in on or before the mandatory Team Captains' meeting.

Thank you,
Chris Crawford
USCAA Marathon Planning Committee