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'98 Team Photos

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SBCC - Site of the 1998 USCAA Nationals

USCAA ’98 tshirt logo

site of USCAA 1998 T&F Nationals

USCAA ’98 Medal (front, back)

Sarah Bunting and Partner Mike McKeon at team marchin

Cap’n Grun gets USCAA Hall-of-Fame award

WCB grace and speed!

Booz•Allen...comin’ thru! handoff at a time...

...and catching one runner at a time...

The Women’s 800meter flying duo.

4x100 Relay team

Pyramid Relay team

Mealing over secret racing tactics before Sunday’s final.

On top of the world - a paramount performance!

Victory Lap no1!

Medals anyone?

The first-place trophy!

Post-meet party and team victory dinner!

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SBCC, Santa Barbara, California
July 25-26, 1998

Standing (left-to-right):
Mike McKeon, Greg Baxter, Dave Kent, Eric Cooper, Thom Weddle, Naum Fefer, Marshall Contino, Dave Pereda, Errol Baker, Kesha Pendergrast (front), Joanie Pitts (behind), Wesley Cooper, Sarah Bunting, Charles Manahan

Kneeling (left-to-right):
Pamela Wusthof, Robert Forsythe, Donna Hardeman, Barbara Spannaus, Sevor Klu, Gary Hellenga, Gordon Smith

Sitting (left-to-right):
Michelle Mawicke, Darrell General, Erika Bohrer, Katlin Eddy, Sarah Beth Lassiter, Gitanjali Vora

Lounging (left-to-right):
Leon Brittain, Luis Pereda

Running (left-to-right):
Chris Arey

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