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’97 Team Photos

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1997 USCAA Nationals logo

1997 USCAA Nationals medal

Ruth Wysocki and Steve Scott hand out BAH pinwheels at the Kid’s Run

Michelle Mawicke does the spin

Hot-foot Shayne McKenzie throws a shoe!

Ann demonstrates classic Booz•Allen team effort...100%

Winning Pyramid Relay team

Winning Sprint Relay team (standing) with Ruth Wysocki

The heart of the Booz•Allen team!

USCD, LaJolla, California
July 19-20, 1997

Back Row (left-to-right):
Becky Malkerson, Thom Weddle, Laura Amble, Barbara Spannaus, Dave Kent, Marshall Contino, Ann Repczynski, Jeff Madison, Gordon Smith, Michelle Mawicke, Wesley Cooper

Front Row (left-to-right):
Donna Hardeman, Paul Allen (behind), Robert Forsythe (front), Sarah Bunting, Katlin Eddy, Leon Brittain, Shayne McKenzie, Todd Barborek

Not Shown (top-to-bottom):
Oliver Herrman, Dave Pereda, Dave Sipes, Tom Sloan (timer)

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