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’96 Team Photos

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1996 USCAA Nationals logo

Team Throw models their cool jackets

Chris and Dave team up in the Men’s; Mile

Marshall and Thom...strategic planning...

A portion of the team

USCD, LaJolla, California
July 20-21, 1996

Standing (left-to-right):
Wesley Cooper, Chris Lucey, Barbara Spannaus, Tom Griego, Bob Martin, Robert Forsythe, Soheil Galal, Gordon Smith, John Ruffin, Todd Barborek, Siegbert Steuck, Dave Pereda, Marshall Contino, Ted Brackin, Frances Harmatuk, Dave Kent, Thom Weddle

Kneeling (left-to-right):
Andrea Austin, Michelle Mawicke, Donna Hardeman, Michelle Skibola, Erika Bohrer, Mike Fields, Dave Sipes

Lounging (left-to-right):
Leon Brittain

Not Shown (right-to-left):
Becky Malkerson, Wayne Gilles, John McCarter, Ron Smudz, Tom Sloan (timer)

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